GitHub Copliot X for iOS - building a simple Hacker News reader from scratch, part 1

In the series, I will build a simple Hacker News reader for iOS using Firebase, SwiftUI and GitHub Copilot X. In this first session, I tackle the following: Setup and configure VSCode Insiders Install and configure GitHub Copilot Nightly Setup Firebase for iOS leveraging GitHub Copilot Chat I was added to the GitHub Copilot Chat technical preview and will share my experiences with Copilot Chat and Copilot in general. Since Copilot Chat is currently only available in VSCode, I will also be learning VSCode in addition to being new to Swift UI and iOS app programming!

GitHub Copliot for iOS - rebuilding a simple iOS app

I built a simple iOS app using GitHub Copilot and based on Angela Yu’s excellent iOS & Swift Bootcamp on Udemy. This post is hopefully the first of many sharing my experience with GitHub Copilot and LLM technologies in general. This initial look examines how to using GitHub Copilot with Xcode and neovim, shows results from prompting (amazing autocomplete) and how to resolve a few issues along the way.