HOWTO install s3_website on macOS

While converting my various websites to hugo static sites, I looked at various ways to push my local changes to production. Ultimately, I chose s3_website as the best choice for my setup. The tool is static site generator agnostic so works well with jekyll, middleman, hugo and others but in case you are curious, the tech stack I use is: hugo [static website generator] Amazon Web Servics (AWS) S3 for storage / web hosting Cloudfront for CDN Certificate Manager for TLS Route 53 for DNS (alias support) s3_website for deploys Installing s3_website on macOS Installing s3_website on macOS requires a few dependencies so I wanted to document them here for anyone else interested in using it.

Password Hints Can Be a Good Thing

As a general rule, I don’t like password hints. If the hint is any good, it would give an attacker additional info to crack your password. However, I had that sinking feel of dread the other day after I rebuilt a MacBook Pro, attached the TimeMachine backup drive and was prompted for the password. On the previous build of the computer, I must have entered the password, saved it to the keychain and forgot about it.