HOWTO setup a private git server on Ubuntu 18.04

There are plenty of reasons to host your own git server vs using services like GitHub or GitLab. Beyond just learning something new, I prefer to use a private git server for pass (my password manager). Step 1: Setup an Ubuntu 18.04 server There are quite a few ways you can do this however I prefer to have the server accessible on the Internet so I can sync my computer(s) while I’m traveling.

First steps to securing Ubuntu Server 18.04 on Digital Ocean

When you need to setup a new Linux server on one of the popular VPS providers, the first steps are often similar. A big reason I have a blog is so I can copy/paste common tasks I need to do more than once. So, below are the first few steps I take when setting up a new Ubuntu 18.04 server on Digital Ocean. Step 1: Create new server, add ssh key While the directions will vary between VPS providers, the first step is to provision a new server and then configure it to accept SSH keys.