How to export an Ad Hoc iOS ipa using Xcode

There are multiple ways to distribute an iOS app including the Apple App Store as well as an Ad Hoc build of your app that you can distribute and test on physical devices or services like NowSecure Platform for automated security and privacy testing (disclosure: I’m a co-founder at NowSecure). In this blog, I’ll walk you through the steps to export an iOS app using the Ad Hoc distribution method using Xcode.

3 ways to install Xcode on macOS [2023]

There are multiple ways to install Xcode on macOS and in this blog we’ll walk you through the three most common techniques: Mac App Store Apple Developer website Install Xcode with brew 1. Mac App Store Perhaps the easiest way to install Xcode is to use the Mac App Store. First run the Mac App Store app (⌘+Space and type app store) and then search for xcode: Next select GET and finally INSTALL (mine shows OPEN since I’ve already installed it) .

3 ways to install Java on macOS [2023]

Java is no longer preinstalled on macOS and even if it is, there are likely security patches or new capabilities you need for software to work properly. And if you are a developer, you will most likely need to install and manage multiple versions of Java (as well as other development runtimes). This article will show you 3 different ways you can install Java on a macOS computer. A future article will walk through techniques to manage which Java JDK you are using.

Fixing Async Calls Missing Callbacks

I recently updated to the latest stable version of node (v7.5.0) with the following command: $ nvm install stable --reinstall-packages-from=node and when I ran my ios-triage cli app, I saw several DeprecationWarning messages: (node:3958) DeprecationWarning: Calling an asynchronous function without callback is deprecated. Initially I was pretty excited because I recently taught myself node and as a noob I knew I was missing some callbacks which was preventing my async.parallel final function to not run.