GitHub Copliot X for iOS - building a simple Hacker News reader from scratch, part 1

In the series, I will build a simple Hacker News reader for iOS using Firebase, SwiftUI and GitHub Copilot X. In this first session, I tackle the following: Setup and configure VSCode Insiders Install and configure GitHub Copilot Nightly Setup Firebase for iOS leveraging GitHub Copilot Chat I was added to the GitHub Copilot Chat technical preview and will share my experiences with Copilot Chat and Copilot in general. Since Copilot Chat is currently only available in VSCode, I will also be learning VSCode in addition to being new to Swift UI and iOS app programming!

GitHub Copliot for iOS - rebuilding a simple iOS app

I built a simple iOS app using GitHub Copilot and based on Angela Yu’s excellent iOS & Swift Bootcamp on Udemy. This post is hopefully the first of many sharing my experience with GitHub Copilot and LLM technologies in general. This initial look examines how to using GitHub Copilot with Xcode and neovim, shows results from prompting (amazing autocomplete) and how to resolve a few issues along the way.

Authorizing GitHub Container Registry

If you are using GitHub Container Registry and receive unauthorized error messages from docker-compose or docker pull, your personal access token for GitHub’s container registry is either not properly configured or the token has expired. This post will walk you through the steps to resolve this error.

How to build React Native iOS app with GitHub Actions [2023]

GitHub Actions are a great way to incorporate DevOps and DevSecOps into mobile development. This post documents the steps to build a React Native iOS app with GitHub Actions (without using any 3rd party actions). Many of the steps will be the same as the previous post on “How to build an iOS app with GitHub Actions [2023]” so definitely check that out for a more complete explanation of the various steps below.

Mobile Security and Privacy Weekly Digest - 2023.10

Your weekly digest of Mobile Security and Privacy News in under 9 minutes! Each digest will cover the past week of briefings so you can quickly catch up on all the important topics in mobile security and privacy. If you have any topics you’d like me to cover in the future, just drop me a comment in the YouTube video. Here’s links to the briefings covered in this weekly digest:

China's top Android phones exfil significant data without consent - Mobile Privacy Briefing 2023.104

If you’re in the market for a new Android device and value your privacy, avoid purchasing it in China! While this is not likely for most folks following my content, it was eye opening to see just how much data is exfiltrated from mainland China devices. I first came across this research in an article by The Register titled “Surprise! China’s top Android phones collect way more info”. The researchers on the paper include Haoyu Liu (The University of Edinburgh), Douglas J.

Exploitable flaw in older iPhones patched - Mobile Security Briefing 2023.103

In late January, Apple released a security update for what most folks would consider an ancient version of iOS (iOS 12.5.7). It’s rare to see an update for an iOS version that’s 4 major versions old so anyone organization with older iOS devices should take note. I routinely check out Apple’s security updates page to monitor for bugs that require quick mitigation. You can see the specific security contents for iOS 12.

Fraudulent trading apps in Apple and Google app stores - Mobile Security Briefing 2023.102

Sophos released some great analysis last month on fraudulent trading apps in Apple and Google app stores. What really caught my interest was how the apps passed the app approval processes at both Apple and Google. As a mobile security researcher, I’ve long known that the review processes on both the App Store and Play Store are no substitute for bespoke mobile app security and privacy testing (full disclosure: I’m the co-founder of NowSecure).

BetterHelp shares mental health data without consent - Mobile Privacy Briefing 2023.101

“BetterHelp will be required to pay $7.8 million for deceiving consumers after promising to keep sensitive personal data private” reads the subtitle to the FTC press release on 2 Mar 2023. While BetterHelp roll out the tired response that the settlement “is no admission of wrongdoing”, it can still be true if you don’t admit it. What exactly did they do? From the FTC complaint: BetterHelp used and revealed consumers’ email addresses, IP addresses, and health questionnaire information to Facebook, Snapchat, Criteo, and Pinterest for advertising purposes, according to the FTC’s complaint

How to build an iOS app with GitHub Actions [2023]

Building on my previous “How to build an iOS app archive via command line” post, let’s now automate the process using GitHub Actions! There are a number of mobile CI/CD capabilities out there such as BitRise, CodeMagic, Jenkins, CircleCI and even Xcode Cloud but there are a lot of advantages to handling CI/CD directly in GitHub including (to name a few): Already has access to source code Native developer experience Managing your CI/CD configuration in a source controlled yaml file GitHub Marketplace is open and has a massive number of integrations and helpful actions When I first embarked on this technical how to, I have to admit it was pretty overwhelming.