How to generate an Android (React Native) SBOM in CycloneDX format

Let’s walk through the steps on how to generate a mobile SBOM for an Android app and compare the results from a source code vs. binary analysis. So that everyone can follow along, I decided to use the excellent open source note-taking app Joplin. The source code is available of GitHub and there are multiple flavors of the app including Android and iOS apps. The project also has a great article on building the Joplin applications which you can follow instead of the below directions if you prefer.

How to generate a Nodejs SBOM in CycloneDX format

Generating a SBOM can sometimes be very simple and other times a royal pain. For this first SBOM tutorial, I’m going down the very simple path! :-) Using the open source ios-triage app, the following steps will build a CycloneDX SBOM in json format. As I’m hoping this blog is useful for folks new to security and/or programming, I’m going to provide a step-by-step approach. Note: these commands were run on macOS but can be easily adapted for Linux or Windows

Source Code vs Binary Analysis for SBOMs

SBOM generation techniques There are two primary techniques for generating a Software Bill of Materials (SBOM): Source code analysis Binary analysis Each technique has their owns strengths/weaknesses and an ideal solution would be the combination of the two. This article will provide a brief overview of each techniques, pros and cons and wrap up with a quick tutorial. Source code analysis As the name implies, source code analysis refers to analyzing the source code of the application.

Technical Introduction to Software Bill of Materials (SBOMs)

What is an SBOM Software Bill of Materials (or SBOMs) have been around for over a decade and in their simplest form are a structured list of 3rd party software, components and libraries included directly, or indirectly, in your code. Why are SBOMs useful SBOMs are useful from a number of use cases/personas: List all dependencies (developer) Remove unused software (developer) Update stale software (developer) Identify non-compliant software license (developer/product) Remediate dependencies with know vulnerabilities (developer/security/product) SBOM Standards In 2011, the Linux Foundation released the SPDX standard to ease software licensing compliance issues [^1].

HOWTO setup a private git server on Ubuntu 18.04

There are plenty of reasons to host your own git server vs using services like GitHub or GitLab. Beyond just learning something new, I prefer to use a private git server for pass (my password manager). Step 1: Setup an Ubuntu 18.04 server There are quite a few ways you can do this however I prefer to have the server accessible on the Internet so I can sync my computer(s) while I’m traveling.