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Fixing async calls missing callbacks

I recently updated to the latest stable version of node (v7.5.0) with the following command:

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Security Debt is the New Technical Debt

Technical debt is a popular term within the software industry. First coined by well-known programmer Ward Cunningham, technical debt is a metaphor that explains the long-term burden developers and software teams incur when taking shortcuts.

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Why Mobile Should Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Root

One of my talks at RSA 2014 tried to convince attendees that they shouldn't fear root on mobile. The talk, while lightly attended, seemed well received. Max Eddy of PCMag did a nice write up on it entitled Phones Can't Be Trusted, Security Needs Root in Mobile.

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Website reboot

My website has annoyed me for years. I've built custom sites, used wordpress, and many others I've simply forgotten. My first webpage ever was coded for an independent study during college. For years, my site simply said:

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How I use GMail

Communication is one key component to succeeding as a comany. For me, that means email and other communication mediums are critical to viaForensics success.

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